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Knol – Google Contender for WikiPedia

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It seems as if Google is following the same path which Microsoft did in Past. History is repeating itself but this time it’s not desktop, software or os market, this time it’s WEB and the company is Google.

Google is either buying each and everything which is making its presence on internet. Few weeks earlier, Google even bid for Digg, though the bid was not successful but Google has tried. It would not be a surprise if Google will launch its own gDigg Beta (Following Google Convetions) in near future. Anyway, Those are things that are yet to happen but now let me share with you the thing that is happening.


Google’s contender for WikiPedia. Since Google has always added nice things in it’s ventures and the convention is being followed over here as well. Up till now i have found 2 decent things in Knol.

  • You can set the permissions who should be able to edit/write the things for particular thing.
  • Every individual is allow to write his own writing for already written article and each article will be rate on the basis of author’s authenticity, history and votes by other users. For example, you might find only one page on WikiPedia on Pakistan but in Knolyou may find multiple page son Pakistan contributed by different authors and you can see which author is more authentic or whatsoever.

It is still in BETA (seems like google naming standard) let’s see when it will be officially launched.


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August 15, 2008 at 1:53 pm

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