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A new breed to OS – WebSoft

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May be you have read the following article of mine in which i have given an idea about what could be the possible future of Operating Systems and Web. At that time the web was not that much mature compared to today and now that concept has moved one step forward with number of online softwares other that OS so that you don’t need to install things on your system. Here are few

A nice collection of online Office suite – Word processor, SpreadSheet, Calendar, Notebook.

One of the best contender to Google’s online office product and i believe some are really better than what google have developed. Besides those, it is providing online project management and other such features as well.

One of the awesome online web application. If i’d have to rename it i’ll rename it as “Online Photoshop” – yes and i hope you got it what does this application do.

A nice online free tool to build websites without any cumbersome coding. A replacement of early versions of FrontPage and DreamWeaver.

I’ll updating this post regularly with new applications – and don’t forget to share with me :).


Written by ..alee

June 11, 2008 at 11:40 am