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Text messages Time Issue

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I have been using FIDO for almost a year. Earlier, I was using it with Nokia N97 mini and recently I got HTC Desire. FIDO/Rogers and I guess T-Mobile as well, have an issue in which incoming messages are 4 hours behind from the given time. If you are not using threaded view SMS then this would not be an issue but if you are using iOS/Andriod then you will not be able to see threaded conversation.

The incoming messages will pile up on top of the screen and your outgoing messages will stack up at the bottom of the screen. It will get worst when you have 20-30+ text messages.

Few people suggested to adjust the time zone to GMT 0 and the issue would be resolved. But this will mess up with your calendar entries. An easies solution that I found is to use the SMS Time Fix for Andriod. After installation, set the application to add +4:00 hours to incoming messages in order to adjust the time and your conversation will be visible in threaded view.


Written by ..alee

September 3, 2010 at 8:04 am