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Error starting eclipse

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You might face an error while starting eclipse on a freshly installed system, or on the system which has undergone a fresh upgrade. The error message will be like

JVM terminated. Exit code=-1
-os win32
-ws win32
-arch x86
-showsplash D:\eclipse-jee-ganymede-win32\eclipse\\plugins\org.eclipse.platform_3.3.100.v200806172000\splash.bmp
-launcher D:\eclipse-jee-ganymede-win32\eclipse\eclipse.exe
-name Eclipse
–launcher.library D:\eclipse-jee-ganymede-win32\eclipse\plugins\org.eclipse.equinox.launcher.win32.win32.x86_1.0.100.v20080509-1800\eclipse_1114.dll
-startup D:\eclipse-jee-ganymede-win32\eclipse\plugins\org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.0.100.v20080509-1800.jar
-framework plugins\org.eclipse.osgi_3.4.0.v20080605-1900.jar
-vm C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0\bin\client\jvm.dll

Actually, eclipse is trying to get the version of java that is installed on system. you might have installed that latest one but there are possibilities that any upgradation of later softwares has replaced the java.exe files in system32 folder with older version. All you need to do is to run eclipse with clean parameters. Create a batch file in the directory where eclipse.exe is and write this line in it eclipse -clean -vmargs -Xmx256m


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January 30, 2009 at 4:11 pm

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your own personal code repository

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are you crazy about coding? are you the one who use to write code for others or sometime your written utilities are so good that you actually want to share them and want to release the later versions of it?

If you are one of that guy then this site is really gona rock your coding experience. The site is github social coding .

Here you can make your profile and can create your own repository. For free users, there are limits (100 mb space, no ssl etc). But even then it’s really great to get things started.

Get going coders

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January 23, 2009 at 4:15 pm

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Manage your TODO with GMail

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I wonder, what was the life before GMail. Gmail was already awesome and day by day it’s getting really great. Today, I am going to write simple tips which will help you to turn your GMail into your TODO Task Manager. Actually, there are 2 ways that i find great and I am going to explain you both.

  1. This tip is going to use 2 GMail Lab (quicklinks and superstars) and ofcourse the google’s legendary search capability. First of all, enable both of these labs by going to your lab settings and selecting Enable against each of the lab. Now, make a decision about any of your favorite superstar for your todo list. I selected red-bang (don’t forget to read their names by hovering your mouse on each superstar in your mail settings > general tab).


    Now, we need to create a quickview so that it may sort out TODO for us. Type this string in GMail search box is:unread AND has:red-bang and add it to quickview and name it TODO. Now all you have to do is to mark all your TODO items with this red-bang star by click on star icon against emails and whenever you want to view your TODO, just click on the TODO linkview from your quickview.

  2. In second method, we are going to use GMail freedom of email aliases. May be you people know that in GMail is same as So what we are going to do is to create a filter on TO field i.e; apply label TODO to all those emails whose TO field is Now, whenever an email has been sent to it’ll be automatically added to your TODO label list.

The benefit of method 2 over method 1 is that you can ask your friends to email at whenever there is something pending on you and GMail will manage it as your TODO list in your inbox.

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September 17, 2008 at 12:16 pm

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Knol – Google Contender for WikiPedia

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It seems as if Google is following the same path which Microsoft did in Past. History is repeating itself but this time it’s not desktop, software or os market, this time it’s WEB and the company is Google.

Google is either buying each and everything which is making its presence on internet. Few weeks earlier, Google even bid for Digg, though the bid was not successful but Google has tried. It would not be a surprise if Google will launch its own gDigg Beta (Following Google Convetions) in near future. Anyway, Those are things that are yet to happen but now let me share with you the thing that is happening.


Google’s contender for WikiPedia. Since Google has always added nice things in it’s ventures and the convention is being followed over here as well. Up till now i have found 2 decent things in Knol.

  • You can set the permissions who should be able to edit/write the things for particular thing.
  • Every individual is allow to write his own writing for already written article and each article will be rate on the basis of author’s authenticity, history and votes by other users. For example, you might find only one page on WikiPedia on Pakistan but in Knolyou may find multiple page son Pakistan contributed by different authors and you can see which author is more authentic or whatsoever.

It is still in BETA (seems like google naming standard) let’s see when it will be officially launched.

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August 15, 2008 at 1:53 pm

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GMail Labs – Tips & Review

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Mail is setting the standards of new web mail. The light look, simple design and fast retreival has made other mail boxes to re-design their architecure, look and feel. Now, GMail has added new functionality to it; GMail Labs. The little widgets has added to the functionality of GMail making it even better but right now I am going to write “things that are missing” in these labs.

Quick Links

One of the coolest widget giving the opportunity to add “custom views”. It’s use is simple. Open the view of your choice. Like make a search as label:<your lable> + “any string available for search”. This will result in a mailbox view filtered on specific criteria you mentioned and now you can add the quick link for this specific view. Everytime onward, whenever you click on this quick link you’ll have this view; i.e search reasult based on the query your wrote.

Unread Andriod Quick Link

From the above example, I am creating a quick view based on the following search string label:android is:unread This will result in mailbox view and list all the mails which has label “andriod” and are “unread”.

Thing Missing:

For the users who are having lots of Labels. Its cumbersome to scroll down to the bottom of the page to click on some quick link. It’d be great if GMail Team adds some drag-drop functionality for the panels at the left side.

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June 19, 2008 at 12:06 pm

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A new breed to OS – WebSoft

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May be you have read the following article of mine in which i have given an idea about what could be the possible future of Operating Systems and Web. At that time the web was not that much mature compared to today and now that concept has moved one step forward with number of online softwares other that OS so that you don’t need to install things on your system. Here are few

A nice collection of online Office suite – Word processor, SpreadSheet, Calendar, Notebook.

One of the best contender to Google’s online office product and i believe some are really better than what google have developed. Besides those, it is providing online project management and other such features as well.

One of the awesome online web application. If i’d have to rename it i’ll rename it as “Online Photoshop” – yes and i hope you got it what does this application do.

A nice online free tool to build websites without any cumbersome coding. A replacement of early versions of FrontPage and DreamWeaver.

I’ll updating this post regularly with new applications – and don’t forget to share with me :).

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June 11, 2008 at 11:40 am

Unable to connect remotely to Microsoft SQL Server 2005

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I am working on “database synchronization” between Sql Server 2005 (running on windows server 2003) and MySql (running on *nix). Before starting developing my own component i thought to digg around and find some already made tool instead of “re-inventing” the wheel. So by then i found this tool.

Daffodil Replicator

It’s nice tool but while configuring it according to the documents i faced an error message

"[Microsoft][SQL Server 2000 Driver for JDBC]End of stream was detected on a read."

Man, i was so stuck in this error and was not able to get any work around then somehow i got to know that may be SQL Server 2005 does not allow REMOTE CONNECTION. When i tested and it was true. SQL Server 2005 does not allow remote access through TCP or NAMED PIPES. You have to allow these connection and you can do this by following this tutorial

How to configure SQL Server 2005 to allow remote connections

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June 11, 2008 at 11:21 am