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Manage your TODO with GMail

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I wonder, what was the life before GMail. Gmail was already awesome and day by day it’s getting really great. Today, I am going to write simple tips which will help you to turn your GMail into your TODO Task Manager. Actually, there are 2 ways that i find great and I am going to explain you both.

  1. This tip is going to use 2 GMail Lab (quicklinks and superstars) and ofcourse the google’s legendary search capability. First of all, enable both of these labs by going to your lab settings and selecting Enable against each of the lab. Now, make a decision about any of your favorite superstar for your todo list. I selected red-bang (don’t forget to read their names by hovering your mouse on each superstar in your mail settings > general tab).


    Now, we need to create a quickview so that it may sort out TODO for us. Type this string in GMail search box is:unread AND has:red-bang and add it to quickview and name it TODO. Now all you have to do is to mark all your TODO items with this red-bang star by click on star icon against emails and whenever you want to view your TODO, just click on the TODO linkview from your quickview.

  2. In second method, we are going to use GMail freedom of email aliases. May be you people know that in GMail is same as So what we are going to do is to create a filter on TO field i.e; apply label TODO to all those emails whose TO field is Now, whenever an email has been sent to it’ll be automatically added to your TODO label list.

The benefit of method 2 over method 1 is that you can ask your friends to email at whenever there is something pending on you and GMail will manage it as your TODO list in your inbox.

Written by ..alee

September 17, 2008 at 12:16 pm

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