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Who is a hacker

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First of all, I’d like to clear all those people who have opened this topic to read something about “how to break into others computer”. This article isn’t any way intended towards breaking into others computer. So if you are here to read something un-ethical then let me tell you that you are at wrong place.

The focus of this article is just to provide the *real meanings* of *hacking*, which is mostly miss interpreted by Pakistani people or more precisely every that person who is new to computer field.

Hacking isn’t anyway means that you break into other’s computer or you break some security rules or you steal some private information. Hacking is something the most passionate and the most attractive word for *Programmers*. It’s really hard for me to explain what really hacking means, the best way I can make you familiar with this words is by this quote

Hackers are just programmer except that they know a lot more than normal programmers.

So if I rank a programmer from grade 1 – 10 (10 being highest) then a normal programmer can be of grade 3-4 and a programmer with knowledge of 8-9 will surely fall into this category which I call *Hacker*.

I guess now you know the meaning what really Hacking means. But I guess you’ll be now confuse with the thinking that if it is the definition of a hacker then why all people say that *hacking means to break into someone computers*. Let me explain it to you.

The person who will be competent enough to break into someone others computer is intelligent enough to know all those security holes of an operating system and know the *CORE PROGRAMMING* concepts to exploit those holes; ultimately gaining access of others computer or breaking some security rules. So he is basically someone who has extra knowledge of OS and Programming.

Similarly, there can be a person who may have extra knowledge of networking (Protocols, Internet) other than programming – then he can surely do those un-ethical things which are referred here as *Hacking*.

So every person, having extra knowledge of some particular domain with programming and who can use the that in depth knowledge to do something which is not *Directly* allowed in that domain is a hacker 🙂

There are several books available in the market like *Hacking Unix* or *Hacking Ubuntu*. Does any of this book means that you’ll be taught to break into a *NIX (Unix) OS? No, the real purpose of these books is to teach you the *IN DEPTH* knowledge of these OS. Which means you’ll be just at the higher grading rank than a simple OS user.

I hope this article have cleared the wrong meaning attached with the word *Hacking* 🙂

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September 5, 2007 at 7:01 pm

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