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Secure your system without an Anti-Virus

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There have been always an issue, how can we protect our computers from viruses. Everyday, you’ll be having a new update for your antivirus and some day you fed up of your antivirus and get a new one. The story goes on and on and on.

Today, I’ll try to give you some idea, how can you prevent your system, without using an antivirus. Obviously you’ll have to make some other thing working.

First of all, let me tell you what most of the viruses today do. Most of the viruses today attack on:

  • .exe file
  • .rar file
  • .zip

The last 2 are rare, however, every virus attack on exe file, whether it is running (process) or you have stored some exe on your harddisk, to make another copy of it or CORRUPT it. What you have to do is to protect your exe, by some way. It is up to you to choose what suit you best, however, I’ll tell you what I like to do.

There are basically 2 techniques that I use.

  1. Change the extension of you exe file.
    This is not very secure method. Since I am not 100% sure about, whether viruses detect exe files from their extension or reading their signature. I guess they detect from their extension. So here we have changed the extension of the exe file. So it’ll be now safe from the viruses.How can you change the extension? It’s simple. In windowsXP go “My Computer -> Tools -> Folder Option”, a window will open. Click on the second tab “View”. Here you’ll see a number options with checkboxes check in or out. Locate this option “Hide the extension for known file types” and check it out (unmark the check box). Now for each file on your system, you can see the extension of the file suffixed with its name. Select a file, whose extension you wish to change, rename it and type the name with extension of you choice i.e. type a name with DOT (.) and some letters after it. Window will prompt you “Changing the extension of file may this file stop working, do you want to continue”, click on “Yes”.

    You are done with changing extension. Now when you have to run the file, you have to repeat that procedure again :).

  2. Wrap the exe file in some other format.
    The second method is more reliable and easy to use than the above one. In above method you have to continuously change the extension of the file. In this you have to wrap the file in some other thing. Emm! How?? Get any image making utility like virtual drive, virtual cd, cd space and install it. It will add a virtual CD Rom to your computer. Now go to the installed software manager and make a customized image, in which drag all the files you want to secure and then make the image. The software will make a virtual CD of your softwares and save it on your system with extension of own (vcd in case of virtual drive). Now when ever you want to get the data, just right click on the file and click option “insert”. It will be inserted in the virtual CD Rom and you can treat it as you install softwares from any CD.Now you are half way secured yourself from the viruses. What about other half. Well, you know most of the viruses come from internet. So make it more secure you have to secure your browsing. How can it be. I recomend to use firefox browser. There are number of reasons and one of those is that firefox does not support ActiveX controls. Most of the sites which try to attach on your system (spyware, etc) use activeX method to get into your system. Now if your browser stop it automatically you’ll be secure.

    This can not be the ultimate thing to make your security, but i guess it is one of the best if you don’t wish to use an antivirus. However, antivirus is must, now a days. You can secure your files but what about those viruses which come from other computers when you copy data using USB Drive or Floppy. Some viruses make registry entries and your system get restarted everytime you boot. For such viruses you have to use antivirus, but if you are sure that you don’t use any such data transfer thing then surely you can follow what I writen.

Do comment it out if you like it or if you find something wrong in it.

Written by ..alee

September 14, 2006 at 10:10 am

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